This website is operated by We Do Furniture. By purchasing something or visiting our website, you will get engaged in our services that will bound you to follow our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will apply to all the users and visitors of the website without any type of limitations. They might be customers, clients, visitors, content creators, merchants or distributors.

You are suggested to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions before using our website. by using our website you will agree to get bound by all of these terms and conditions. People who disagree with these terms of services and privacy policy shouldn’t use this website.

Users must be above 14 years old to use this website for Details Read the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. All the legal agreements will be based on minimum terms and conditions that’s stated in this document. Here are some of the universal terms of services implemented in this site.

Client’s agreement with us includes all the legal notices that are applicable to the services. There will be extra terms for clients implacable with the use of the services.

Users have to form a legally binding agreement with us. Moreover, you have to accept additional terms to form a legal binding agreement.


Users have to agree to terms if they want to enjoy the services provided by us without agreeing to these terms’ users can’t use any service. You can accept these terms in two different ways:

  • Simply click to accept or agree to the terms, or
  • By using the services provided.

You may not use the services if you are a person barred from receiving the services under the laws of the UK.


We can terminate its legal agreement with users any time in the following conditions when:

  1. User will breach any provision of the Terms (or else he didn’t comply with the provisions of the Terms mentioned here).
  2. We Do Furniture has to terminate the legal agreement by law (where the provision of the Services to you becomes unlawful).
  3. The legal agreement will be finished when the partner will terminate its relationship with We Do Furniture or decide not to offer the Services to you.


  1. Users who want to use We Do Furniture services are required to provide all information which can be identified or contacted. It’s very important that users agree that provided information is accurate and correct.
  2. Users will agree to use the services permitted by the terms or by the laws implemented in your country. Users are not allowed to use services restricted by your country’s laws.
  3. While signing up on the We Do Furniture user agree not to access any services provided by us, by using automated means like scripts of web crawlers.
  4. Users can’t get engaged in any activity that restricts or disrupts the services related to servers and networks.
  5. Users just can’t reproduce, duplicate, resell, copy, trade or resell these services without getting the written permission from We Do Furniture So yes, users will agree not to reproduce, resell, duplicate, sell or copy the services provided by us.
  6. You will agree that you will never agree to breach any of your obligations mentioned under the Terms.


Another thing that you should know before purchasing the product from our website is that we are selling all the products exclusively online through the website. We never compromise on the quality of our products. And these products or services might have limited quantities depending upon the limited stock we have and these items are subject to return or exchange according to our Return Policy. To avoid any confusion, you should read our return policy before making a purchase from our website.

Here at We Do Furniture we have displayed all products carefully with accurate colors, prices and sizes. Keep in mind that colors of the products might get slightly changed in the image and real product. Obviously, we cannot guarantee the display quality of your computer monitor.

We reserve all the rights to sell the products on our website, but we are not obligated to limit down the sales of our products to any one particular person or Company. We also reserve the right to limit the product quantities and services that we offer. We can change all the product descriptions anytime or prices anytime without giving any prior notice to the customers. We also have the right to discontinue any product whenever we want. Keep in mind that all the products and services available on this site will be invalid where prohibited.

Moreover, keep in mind that we guarantee that products, information, services or other type of materials that you purchase from our website, will be delivered to you in time. And we always deliver high quality products that will definitely meet or exceed your expectations.


This agreement will enable you to understand your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality related to passwords linked with any account that you are using to access the services. By doing so you agree that you are responsible to agree with We Do Furniture for actions that occur within your account.


Users should understand that all information belongs to that include data files, computer software, written text, music, sounds/audio files, videos, photographs and images. You are not allowed to use the data without the consent of

  1. We reserve the right to pre-screen, filter, review, modify, flag, modify, remove or refuse any content from us.
  2. If you find any offensive content while using the services that will be at your own risk. By agreeing to these terms, you accept that not responsible for any content originated from its users.


Users can’t use the trade names, services, trademarks, domain names, Logos, service marks and other distinctive brand features while using

  1. We recognize that it obtains no right, interest or title from the user related to these terms mentioned in any content that you display, submit, post or transmit that include any type of intellectual property rights. Unless you agree to provide this information in writing to
  2. Users will agree not to alter, change, remove or obscure any proprietary rights notices that might be affixed to or limited within the services provided.
  3. Users can’t use any trade mark, Logo, trade name or service mark of any other company or organization that’s intended to cause confusion about the authorized user of such logos, marks or names.


All the content that you submit, post or display will relate to you and you solely retain its copyright. By posting, submitting or displaying the content user agree to give a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable and non-exclusive license to adjust, publish, reproduce, acclimatize, translate, publicly display and dispense any content that you submit, display or post or display through, the services. Here we are mentioning the additional Terms of services.

  1. Users agree with these terms and give the right to it to use this content available to individuals, companies and organizations who are in relationship with us for the provision of syndicated services.
  2. Get proper understanding about our working procedures that needs you to authorize (a) transmit or allocate your content over various public networks and in various media; and (b) make such changes to your content as are necessary to conform and adapt that content to the technical requirements of connecting networks, devices, services or media. You agree that this license shall permit to take these actions.


  1. make changes to Universal Terms and conditions or Additional Terms when needed. After making these changes a new copy of these terms of services along with new Additional Terms will be uploaded here.
  2. Users should know that if they are using the services after the date on which the terms are updated then we will treat your use as acceptance of the updated Universal Terms or Additional Terms.


We will accept the following types of payment for the right to attend its events:

  1. Visa
  2. Visa Debit
  3. Visa Electron
  4. MasterCard
  5. Stipe
  6. Paypal
  7. American Express


  1. You hereby agree that will not liable for indirect, special or consequential damages or any loss of revenue, profits or data arising in connection with this agreement or its services. Furthermore, our aggregate liability arising with respect to this agreement and the service will not exceed the total fees paid by you under this agreement.


While using this site keep in mind our terms and conditions that we can modify or update the prices of our products at any time without giving any special notice. We are not answerable to anyone using the site, visitors, merchants or distributors. We can discontinue our services anytime without giving any prior notice to our users. We are not answerable to you or any third party about any type of modification in the website, updating content, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.